Queue no longer accept destinctive ring

I was working on a Freepbx 2.11 today trying to get queuemetrics to work when my customer calls and says that distinctive ring is no longer working. I assumed it had nothing to do with queuemetrics since I believe that just reads logs but after further testing I found that distinctive ring works fine everywhere but in queues.

I cant figure it out. I restarted Ampportal and stopped all the queuemetrics services but still cant get it to work. I can see that when I call a particular DID, the ALERT-INFO is set so that it uses a particular ringer but when the queue rings the phones, the default ringer is used. If I pass a call direct to a extension, the phones rings with the ringer I set. Anyone have any suggestions?

So I talked to Queue Metrics and they say that they just read loads and output from the Asterisk manger. After a ton of testing, I created a new queue using the exact same options as the first and it works fine with Alert-info settings being passed from and inbound route. Figure that one out? I still want to know what is wrong with the original queue.

I would go look in custom.conf files and make sure queue metrics has not added anything.

I realize this is old but figured it would update it. I could not get it to work. I created a whole new queue and it works fine now. I compared configurations of each queue and the were the same so I have no idea what was up with that.