Queue : need phone to ring while playing message

I’m using queue for incoming calls
I need time to time a “busy operators, please wait” message WHILE phones are ringing
If announcement is enabled , phones stop ringing while message plays (and this also in ring groups)
The only thing can be played while ringing is MoH
So I tried to setup two “looped” queues with two different MoH classes, the default one and a second containing the courtesy message.
The sequence works ok but the problem is MoH file is played randomly and not from the beginning every time MoH is used, resulting in a unusable way to do.
Can I tell anywhere the system to start play MoH file from top ??

A queue is the only way I know of to play a message while a phone is ringing.

Do you have a section in the queue setup page “periodic announcements”?

Skyking, if a queue is the only way to play messages while phones are ringing it is perfect to me, but other than using MOH class into queue itself I don’t know/see any other method.
Bill, you’re referring to periodic announcement, I tried it, but it lead to IVR message and while plaing it the phones stop to ring…

Anyway, using a different MOH class would be OK by me, but every time the queue related MoH class starts it remember the previous file stop position.
I need instead the MoH file to be played from top .

Any hint ??

P.S: Bill, Fred/IK3UMT here…

You just create an IVR mrddage with short timeout and no options. But I am sure I missed the boat and don’t have a clue as to what your desired resylt is.