Queue Monitoring Script or Add On

Hi, I am new here, and also have just installed PIAF on a test system.

I am testing out the functionality of the program before deploying it. However, I cannot seem to find any add on or option for monitoring the queue.

I mean, a web based queue monitoring option for FreePBX like Queuemetrics. I hope there is one and for free.

Thank You.

FOP2 Allows users to manage their queue memberships.

IMHO the best integration with FreePBX/Asterisk is the Aastra XML script that run on the Aastra phones. They allow you to log in and out of a queue and pause from the telephone.

Take a look at this, while the free version is good I recommend upgrading to the Pro version, it’s only $500


I use it in an extremely busy 40 seat call center with two 52" monitors. Works great.

Great, I will be trying this out. Though I know this next question is part of a full call center software, I just want to see if there is something available for FreePBX.

I’m also looking for a Queue Management add on or program where agents can go on pause or break status.

Anyways, if there is nothing of the sort, then I’d just go with the providers.