Queue Monitoring Popup?

We have a freepbx system thats working well, with about 20 extensions and 8 queues for routing calls to the appropriate operators.

I’ve also installed Flash Operator Panel 2, allowing our supervisors to monitor the phones, and it seems to be doing its job.

Theres one feature we’d like, and cant seem to find anything to do it.

What i would like to happen, is if a particular queue has a wait time exceeding (say) 30 seconds, then to send some sort of popup message to the supervisors. This can then allow them to answer the phone themselves, or bring their attention to the phone not being answered by operators who should be answering.

At the moment they can SEE it happen with FOP, but if they happen to be doing something else at their computer and FOP isnt on screen, they obviously cant see anything.

Anyone come across anything like this?



You can set alarms in iSymphony that will pop up on the desktop as well as change the background colors in the queue windows so you can quickly determine which queue or agent is hitting a threshold. You can layer the alarms as well and color code them. Alarms can be set on the following items and you can define the threshold manually to what fits your needs.
On Call
Avg. Hold Time (sec)
HCHT (sec)
Hold Time (sec)
Talk time (sec)
Calls Taken
Idle Time (sec)
Send me a PM if you want to do a quick online meeting to see this on a live system.