Queue MOH repeating same song from beginning after announcing periodic/caller position

I’ve got a queue that plays random music on hold while the caller is waiting. I’d like to play the periodic announcement for breakout IVR as well as caller position in the queue. Whenever these announcements are played, the same MOH that was playing for the caller starts over from the beginning. Is there a way to force another random MOH file to play?

Do you use the Queue IVR Breakout Option?

Yes, that’s one of the announcements. If the caller doesn’t break out of the queue to the IVR, though, the same MOH song that was playing starts over from the beginning.

Sorry, are you saying that when the queue makes it’s periodic announcement, the MOH track starts at the beginning again? If so, what asterisk version do you have? (Go to admin/asterisk cli and enter core show version). If this is the behaviour you are experiencing you need to update you Asterisk minor version as this bug was fixed in the last couple of months.



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