Queue Max Callers failover behaviour

Hi there,

Here’s a question about how the Asterisk queue handles calls with a unlimited wait time but a max callers set.

I have a queue, it has max callers 4. Does this mean that when there are already 4 queued calls, a 5th call will go directly to the failover destination or will the first call be sent to the failover destination in order to admit the 5th call into the queue?

Here’s a diagram to better demonstrate what I mean… http://imgur.com/a/ysdv5


The last caller in goes to the failover destination.

The thing I have just worked out is that any of those calls that are answered are taken out of the queue and so don’t contribute to the number counted towards the max caller number you have set. so if you have 4 people on calls and max callers set to 4, then you can actually have 8 calls in the system, or more if there are calls placed in Park, which was overwhelming our reception staff. I set the number to 1, and they are happier. (with destination to terminate call, and choose Congested rather than Hangup, so the caller who has been rejected from the queue gets a busy tone rather than just silence).

Some callers just have to call back, which works in our business, but might not in others.