Queue loops kicks caller back to IVR

Hi All,
Here’s my issue, I’m running Asterisk with Freepbx on a distro…
I’ll give you the call flow
Incoming number 400-555-1212 goes to time condition if accepted it goes to IVR with announcement “welcome” press 1, 2, 3…
1 goes to a queue 2 goes to a different queue and 3 goes to queue # 1 also. When a caller calls in and presses 1 it kicks them back to the IVR “Welcome” and keep pressing 1 keeps looping back to IVR. When they press 2 to go to a different queue that one works ok it’s just the first queue that kicks back to IVR I’ve rebuilt the Queue and it works for awhile then starts looping again does anyone have any pointers to what might be going on.
The Queues are using 100, 101, 102, 103 it’s the 100 queue which is screwing up, all the rest seem to be working fine.

All the IVR’s and time conditions are the same

Thanks any help with be greatly appreciated

How have you got the queues set? Do they accept queued calls even when agents are unavailable? Are the same agents servicing all of the queues?