Queue login and log out

Good day guys

 I am hoping someone with a bit of experience more than myself can assist me here.

 We are currently running elastix 2.4.1 using asterisk 1.8.2. 

  We have queue 200 configured for our call centre and users currently login to the queue with 200* and log out with 200**.

  Some of the handsets have been giving problems recently though and was replaced with new phones, however the new handsets does not recognise the "**" at the end and only accepts the first "*". 

At first it did not accept the asterisk at all and we foud out that we had to manually create a dialplan on the voip phone itself in order to accept the asterisk but no luck with double asterisk.

The result of this is that agents are able to login on the queue but not able to log out.

We are looking at two options at the moment and that is either to figure out a dial plan on the device which will allow it to recognise the second asterisk, or to otherwise find another method for the agents to log in and out of the queues which is compatible with the new handsets.

I would really appreciate any assistance, suggestions, etc… here


The best assistance, suggestions, etc I can give you is tell us what brand and model of phone you are using. After we have that info we can figure out how to fix the digit map of the phone.

Does 200* and 200** work if you dial on hook and then go off hook?

Hi Alan, thank you for the reply.
The phone model is the Grandstream GXP1405.
200* does work after adding a dial plan for it in the web config, however no matter which way we try it, dialing 200** and recognises it as 200*.