Queue_log not registering transfers


We currently have a PBX set up for User and Device Mode, using queues and Call Center Stats Pro 2. In the queues we have dynamic members only and everything works great except for transferring.

When a user transfers a call anywhere it connects and everything seems ok. Once the actual transfer goes through and the agent hangs up they still appear on the call. It will show them as available and they will receive new calls but the caller ID information will not update until the call they previously answered hangs up. When we check the queue log it shows them on the line, shows the user connect to the outbound line, then nothing. It doesn’t show transferred/completed.

When we add a device to the queue the transferring is logged as it should be. It logs the transfer and everything else as it should.

Unfortunately the same user doesn’t sit at the same phone everyday so we cannot just simply keep track of the device as it has a different user all the time.

We need a way for the user’s transfer to be tracked properly. Any one ever have this issue as well? Any input?

Transfers of calls that are answered out of a queue must be done using Asterisk ‘#’ transfers (enabled with the ‘t’ option). SIP transfers result in the Agent remaining affiliated with the call until its eventual termination, preventing that agent from being offered another call.

There are 1 of the many corner cases we explain all the time that wil happen when using Device and user mode and why adhoc mode is not supported by FreePBX. Way to many broken problems that are just not worth the time to try and solve.

Do you mean the cold transfer ‘##’ or setting up a ring group etc.that dials out to 8001234567#?