Queue_log mysql table not populated

Queue log files are present and working.
I would like to be able to analyze answered calls and I think it’s easier from the cdr database.
Is it complex to have queue_log table filled ?

Am I missing something so obvious that it does not look like a real question ? :thinking:

Yrs, you are missing something, if

so presumably being filled, no?

yes the text files are filled.
I’m looking for a way to fill the table queuelog in the database asteriskcdrdb. This table is empty.

Maybe the right way is first to explain why I’m looking in the queue logs:
I’m trying to report how many answered calls (by a human) vs inbound external calls. etc.
As the calls enter a queue, I don’t know what happens next.

apparently you will need to buy the commercial module.

Anyone has tried this ?

Doubt that FreePBX will load or even look for


okay. thx. Dicko