Queue Leave Empty not work with DND


PBX Firmware:10.13.66-7, FreePBX 13.0.53

I have Queue with 2 static extensions (Panasonic TGP500 phones)
Skip Busy Agents = Yes
Leave Empty = Yes / Strict / Ultra Strict

but, when i set phones to DND, exit from the queue does not work, and i need wait “Max Wait Time”!

How are you setting the phones to DND? If you are using the phone’s built in DND function, I would expect the queue to still send calls since it has no awareness of the phone setting.

I tried two ways:

  1. Phone DND (through phone menu)
  2. FreePBX DND (through *76 feature code)

I’m a little rusty on some of the inner workings of the queue. However, I believe the queue may be evaluating the based on the criteria that either the agents are taking a queue call, or they are not present based on being paused or logged out, the latter only apply for dynamic agents.

You may want to confirm that the queue member (agent) is being properly configured by FreePBX meaning there’s an extension state (hint) associated with that member in the auto-generated configuration, and that hint is showing as busy when you press DND. If that part is functioning correctly, then the queue will not even attempt to send a call to the agent. If it’s not detecting the agent as busy, then you’ll see a call sent to the agent but the dialplan will reject it as busy.