Queue: keep dynamic agents after reboot

Hi all! Is there a way to ask freepbx to keep a list of agents logged on on reboot and auto re-logon them after asterisk restart?

It’s really a big deal not having this function on … cause users does not know if the server has been restarted …


Nobody has this problem?

If you restart your Asterisk (or server) all dynamic agents will be lost as Asterisk keep dynamic agents in memory. There is NO way to “keep” dynamic agents as they are … dynamic.

Shoud not be too difficult to add a function that store data on a file or on a db and reload on restart, don’t?


Well, sometimes it make sense to look up things in the documentation. When I looked at the sample configuration files from Asterisk 1.4.x I noticed:

I don’t know when this was added to Asterisk, but it is in the sample files for Asterisk and as it is default set to ‘yes’ it should work ‘out of the box’.


Thanks so much !!! I have another thread opened for list of incoming cid :wink: