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a help. In a queue I have operators from 2 different countries, I should make sure that before the call passes to an operator, a message says for example ‘The operator from country A answers’ or ‘The operator from country B answers’. The problem is that the Join Announcement function in queues does not allow you to insert any conditions. is there a way or some work-a-round?

Have you uploaded both languages under the same system recording?

I didn’t explain myself, it is the caller who will have to hear the recording based on the operator’s place of work.

I don’t think that’s possible. A recording being played based on the agent taking the call. It may require some custom dialplan and won’t be easy.

This should work properly if you set the language using the language module.

I would expect the language to be determined by the caller’s language, not the agent’s.


So if you set the correct language at the beginning of the call, all system prompts including voicemail as well as System Recordings that supports that language will use the specified language.

The OP doesn’t know which language country agent will be used at the beginning of the call. The decision about the announcement can only be made when the queue system recognizes that an agent has answered the call.

Ahh… I missed that.

No, perhaps there is still confusion, the proposed solutions are not suitable. I try to explain better

There is only one number in all of Europe. Customers call that number for assistance, and the operators who are in the queue, answer from different countries (Italy, Spain, France . . .) so when the operator answers the customer, the customer should receive a message telling him that the operator John Doe is answering from France…it doesn’t matter where the customer is calling from, he could be calling from France and speaking to an Italian operator. The important thing is that after the queue MOH, when the call goes to the operator there is a different message depending on where the operator is working. At the moment Freepbx allows you to insert only 1 [Join Announcement] for everyone, therefore you cannot perform any customized operation,


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