Queue issues


I have recently installed a system for a client using PiAF with FreePBX version 2.5.1. Recently, users have been saying that if they are logged into the queue and place a call on hold, another call is able to ring on the second line of their phone. It is only when they put the first call on hold that this happens. Any other time their first line is occupied no calls ring on the second line.

I have the “Skip Busy Agents” option set to Yes. I monitored and did some test calls through their queue and found that the CLI is reporting the agents extensions as “Not In Use” at times when the agent is on a call.

Anyone having similar issues or know of a fix?

Tried playing with queues.conf and agents.conf in the CLI but there doesn’t seem to be any kind of configuration issues there.

Does anyone have any ideas?

Nothing on this?

Another system like this. Polycom phones, if you put the caller on hold the system will push a call from the queue to that phone.