Queue Issue to Outside Lines from IVR

We have FreePBX, Asterisk all are updated.

we have an extension 6001 that forwards to a cellphone. It works fine.

we have an IVR setup, everyhing work good on it.

However, when a user calls the IVR and presses the code that should go to exteniosn 6001, the user is not connected to the cellphone.

The SIP log shows 603 declined.

to trouble shoot this I changed extenison 6001 to a landline, still did not work with the IVR and the Queue.

I also added the number in the agent list directly 6001,0 and the number itself.

I am really stumped as I can dial the numbers direct, using the 6001 extension, but I cannot get the IVR/Queue to work to the same numbers.

any ideas on this would be helpful.

show us “your code”

show us the logs…