Queue in FreePBX not working?

New install, last FreePBX Distro STABLE 10.13.66-64bit (Asterisk 11)
NAT=Yes. Static IP.

I created 2 simple extensions and 1 queue. This extensions added as static agents in the simple queue. All settings in extensions and queues and in all FreePBX is a default!

  1. I calling in this queue.
  2. One agent answers and speaks.
  3. I calling in this queue again (when the first agent already talking). And right away get in the console:

Disconnected from Asterisk server
Asterisk cleanly ending (0).
Executing last minute cleanups

In /tmp get a dump “core.localhost…”

What is this? Why crash?

If I set “Skip Busy Agents” in “Yes + (ringinuse=no)” or “Queue calls only (ringinuse=no)” - everything is working normally. But i need ring all.

I reinstalled the FreePBX 2 times(

Please, help me.
P.S. Sorry for my English.

What version of Asterisk? Are you keeping up with Distro updates:

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Version of Asterisk was 11.22.0 and FreePBX Distro System 10.13.66-13.
I updated FreePBX-Distro and now everything is working.

Thank you very match!

I have very little experience in working with FreePBX, and I just could not think that something simple may not working after clean installation.

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make sure you mark it as solved.