Queue dynamic member log with *45ddd*qqq

Hi Freepbx.

I noticed when i want to login dynamic agent 400 in queue 260 from device 201, extension 201 is logged in instead of 400.
I use dialpad command 45400260 en results me:
“device logged in 201” instead of “device logged in 400”

When I use fop2, everything works ok and device 400 is logged in the queue.

I tried other phones, dialplans, xlite, etc.
Also Customdevicestate=on

The only extension I can cat member of an queue is the extension wich I am calling with.

Probably this is a very simple mistake from my side.

Any ideas are welcome.

Nobody knows?
Is it even possible to make an extension (other than the extension used) to make it log on as a dynamic member of a queue?
Or is it only possible to login the used extension to a queue.
If so, are there ways to “remote” login extensions to a queue?
Any help is very much appreciated.

While spitting around the forums I found the next forumpage:
I will try some changes described in the link next week.
I think it has something to do with ‘realcallerid’


Did you found a solution to this issue ?
I also need to dynamically log in/out users from a remote phone, and with 45dddqqq the extension log in/out in the one i’m calling from and not the ddd i specified …

Thank you very much.