Queue doesn't hangup even after PSTN caller has hung up

Newbie alert

I have a GXW4108 FXO gateway which converts 8 PSTN lines to VOIP.
I have installed freepbx from scratch using the distro Stable-1.815.210.58 Release Date-08/14/12

Everything is working as intended except for one minor glitch.

I have an IVR on FreePBX. Any incoming call on the GXW4108 hits an IVR on FreePBX.

Once the user chooses an option the call gets transferred to a queue.

All this works.

However when the queue is ringing, if the original PSTN caller hangs up - freepbx/asterisk keeps ringing the queue till it is answered. The answering agents gets just a call hungup tone.

By doing so, it also keeps the incoming PSTN line busy - even though the original caller has hung up.

I tried to isolate the problem - whether it is Grand Stream problem of not sending a caller hangup or whether it is an asterisk/freepbx issue.

I tested calling the same ivr from an internal extension and selected an option which took me to a queue, when the queue was ringing, I disconnected and the queue also stopped ringing its agents.

To confirm that it is a Grandstream problem, I tried redirecting the IVR option to an extension rather than a queue.

During this scenario, when the PSTN caller chose the IVR option, the extension rang (i.e with out using a queue). Before the call was answered the PSTN caller hungup, the extension stopped ringing and PSTN line became free.

As you can see, the problem occurs only when a queue is used and the call originates from a PSTN line.

My setup is as follows

PSTN lines --> GX4108 --> FreePBX -> Extensions

GX4108 PSTN channels register in FreePBX as SIP extension.

I am not using any trunks or incoming routes to transfer calls between the FXO gateway and the freePBX.

Could you please throw some light on what is that I need to look for to make the queue hangup when the PSTN caller hangs up.

With regards

Hi Krishna:

I have a similar problem with grandstream gateways and IVRs. Where you able to solve this?

I would appreciate any update.



I had this problem when I register the PSTN lines on FreePBX as extensions. I have changed it since

How do you register your PSTN lines from Grandstream to FreePBX.

Earlier, I had them registered as a extension with 2 stage dialing. This is when the queue used to ring for ever.

Now I register grandstream as a peer and also use 1 stage dialing. With this the call seems to disconnect.

Also you have to play with tone disconnect or current disconnect on your Grandstream which a PSTN provider dependent setting.

Are you able to get full caller id?

We get most of the digits but not all of them, I think our line is noisy but a standard telephone on the same line gets the caller id every time.

I guess GS needs to fix some thing basic but it is not easy to make their CS understand it, they always want traffic dumps