Queue doesn’t hangup even after PSTN caller has hung up

I Have a FreePBX stable version with Asterisk 13.2

My setup is as follows:

ISDN lines --> Patton Gateway --> FreePBX -> Extensions (101)

I have one extension as part of one queue.

During this scenario, when the ISDN caller chose the IVR option, the extension 101 rang (using a queue).
If the extension 101 take the call, all that’s ok…but the problem manifest when the IDSN caller hungup before the call was answered and the extension don’t stopped ringing instantly but after a timeout (Patton debug show that the ISDN caller hangup but not pass the hangup to Freepbx correctly)

I tried redirecting the IVR option to an extension rather than a queue and in this situation all works fine.

Maybe an asterisk bug or a Patton issue?

Many thanks,

Hi, i have the same problem. Does you resolve this?