Queue does not go into failover even though extensions are in DND

Hello dear FreePBX Community,

I am currently facing a problem where I am also at a loss.

I have a queue with 2 extensions configured as static agents and a failover to the mailbox.

Behind these 2 extensions are IP phones (Yealink & Snom) that have a DND function configured with the commands *78 and *79 for DND on and off.

As you can see here, switching the DND on/off works fine for both extensions:

Unfortunately, this queue does not go over to failover, despite the “Skip busy agents” function that has been set up.

Here is my queue configuration:


I thank you already for the answers :slight_smile:

DND is a FreePBX concept, not an Asterisk one. For the Asterisk queue system to consider the agent unavailable, without actually trying to call them, they would have to pause themselves in the queue.

This may help:

Okay, and do you think that would be the solution to that?


Small conclusion: this script actually works as intended! Nice!!!

Now I would have one more small thing:
Is there a way when joining the queue not to play the Join Intro if he has no free agents?

Background is this: i have a personalized audio file for the join intro and the mailbox each. But now I want that when he goes into failover, the Join Intro does not play. :slight_smile:

In principle, it would need here:

… Another function: “Only with available agents”.

Best Regards

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