Queue Dial

Hi Team,
I have create 2 Queues i have assign dynamic Agents 8802,0
when i dial the queue 8894* wont work it gives me a reorder tone

I need to be able to login to the queue as Agents from different location / extension

Thank you

This is really not user friendly, [i believe it was designed for, and] we use it for external user access to log in from an IVR:
Press 1 to login = Misc Destination > QUEUE*
Press 2 to logoff = Misc Destination > QUEUE**
(Replace QUEUE with your queue number)

Why it’s not working for you? you’ll have to provide call logs.

I would recommend to use *45 to log in/off.
(See documentation in wiki for that)

Add all these extensions as dynamic agents and log in/off using *45

Or change to User & Device mode.

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