Queue Delays

I’m having issues with delays on calls going into a queue. For example, lets say you call me and enter my queue, but realized you dialed the wrong number and hang up. The call still stays in the queue for another 10-15 seconds. The same thing happens if an agent answers the call from the queue, and either the agent or caller hangs up it takes 10-15 seconds before the other device is notified to terminate the call.

I originally thought this was NAT issue, but if I switch the inbound route from a queue to the same test extension that’s answering the call there is no issue, and everything is basically instant.

I’m running Asterisk 16.3 and FreePBX, and using pjsip. I’m not sure what other information may be useful.

Turns out I was wrong and it was a NAT issue. After rebooting the machine I then had the same issues with calls forwarded directly to the extension. It took a lot of messing around, but what fixed it was changing “SIP nat” under Settings > Advanced Settings to yes. This was one of the first things I attempted, and the one thing I had to do was physically restart the machine after changing it from no to yes.

Unlikely that is a fix. The setting only changes the default setting for newly created extensions.

This is a new FreePBX setup. We were running an Amazon FreePBX, but just switched to a locally hosted one. So everything is a brand new set up.

If you think I’m still going to have issues, do you have any suggestions on other settings to verify? Everything seems to be running okay at the moment. We are keeping the AWS server for a backup in case we run into issues.

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