Queue Config

Hi there,

Have an environment where we have about 10-15 phones. We have a Queue that’s toggled for events twice a year where we take registration and receive about 100+ calls in one go. No problems there. Usually the phone lines aren’t that busy and all incoming calls go to the “SwitchBoard” phone. Should no one answer, it fails over to a ring entire office ring group.

I don’t love the way it’s currently setup in the event we get numerous phone calls simultaneously, it’s not handled that well with the current setup. What I’m hoping to do is have all incoming calls go into a queue, it first rings the main switchboard, then occasionally tries to ring the office group to see if anyone’s around to pickup. What I’d like it to do is also ring that switchboard if they’re already on a call occasionally to see if they want to accept it. No one answers? Goes back into the queue until the switchboard hangs up, or tries to ring the office again. Is something like this possible?


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