Queue CID Prefix Missing with Join Announcements

I was recently asked to clean up the routing of calls through our phone system. The system was build on trixbox but has since been updated to the main freepbx 2.6.0 and has been working flawlessly. One thing I noticed was that the previous administrator of the system had made a ringgroup that only had a 1 second timer and then failed over to a queue. Seeing this as an extra step, I removed the ringgroup rerouted accordingly. Everything works great except for one small thing. The CID prefix on the queue is not added to the Caller ID name whenever there is a join announcement on the same queue. I removed the announcement and the prefix shows up no problem. If I add the ring group back into the mix the prefix is maintained. However the second I only have a queue and a join announcement even with the prefix on both the inbound route and on the queue, no prefix is added, even in the logs. Is there a way around this, or will I need to keep the ringgroups in place for whatever reason since it works?