Queue Calls routing via Find-me/Follow-me cannot be answered via call confirmation

Our FreePBX is not allowing users to answer queue calls when confirming via the remote number dialed. When a user presses 1 it replies “the call is no longer available, answered by someone else”.

This behavior appears to only affect queue calls that use the followme route. Direct calls to the users extension can be answered via the remote number dialed by followme using call confirmation as expected.

In the Asterisk Logs there is one particular line which jumps out at me which seems to occur around the time the caller presses 1 to accept the call:

[2019-05-25 15:45:37] ERROR[13955][C-00000014] func_global.c: Channel 'Local/[email protected];2' not found! Variable 'BLKVM' will be blank.

The relevant logs (which sensitive information altered/redacted) are here:


Which version of core do you have installed?

Sorry, should have specified this:

FreePBX Version: 14.0.11
System Version: 12.7.5-1902-3.sng7
Follow Me Version:

This is framework, not core

Update core to

fwconsole ma downloadinstall core --tag

[2019-05-25 15:45:31] VERBOSE[13946][C-00000014] app_queue.c: Nobody picked up in 15000 ms

You need to fix your ring timers. You’re calling the agents for 15 seconds but your ext 100 is set to ring for 22 seconds and then the FM list is set for 20 seconds. The call is being pulled back into the queue before anyone picks up because it has a way shorter dial time then your Extension+FollowMe ring times are.

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