Queue calls not ringing to extension

hi, i have FreePBX and Asterisk 16.17.0. i enabled the debugging for like 1 day and i noticed that the queue calls was not ringing to the extension and some of the agent was showing as if they are on the call but no one was on the call. I saw there was incoming calls on the queue but non of the extension was ringing. i have the debug file but its huge like 2GB, not sure what information you need, but here is what i found on the Exten: was my DID +17024431122 not the extension number which supposed to ring, not sure if this is what should be. this issue started to happen after i enable debugging because i never had this issue before.

Event: Newchannel
Privilege: call,all
Channel: PJSIP/SIP-0000c420
ChannelState: 4
ChannelStateDesc: Ring
CallerIDNum: +17027522236
Language: en
Context: from-pstn-e164-us
Exten: +17024431122
Priority: 1
Uniqueid: 1623374641.107746
Linkedid: 1623374641.107746

Are these extensions online?

Check under

asterisk -"pjsip show endpoints"

And make sure they are available.

Also, while there’s a call waiting in the queue, please check:

asterisk -x"queue show <queue num>"

yes they were online, when i restarted asterisk then it started to work fine

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