Queue callback without dictating and without confirmation

sorry for my terrible english.
Good day!
I have bought VQ Plus for one organization. I was hired to customize the PBX.
Client wants this:
While caller in queue, caller dial 1 then hangup.
When become callers turn, hi accept incoming call and coonect to agent without any conformation.
But there is no posibility to change or remove number conformation and accept conformation in Queue callback page.

if you can’t write the custom code yourself, there are resources here that can help you. Sangoma (the sponsors of the forum and FreePBX) do this kind of custom work. The nice thing about asking them is that it ends up becoming a feature for everyone.

If you can write the code yourself, you can create a context that does what you are looking for. It won’t be simple, because there are a few moving parts here, but it should be relatively straight-forward.

I can’t think of a way to do this “out of the box” though.