Queue Callback Scenario

Have a task I am trying to work around to accomplish. Will soon be deploying Queue Callback for a client. The client has 5 agents that are shared with queues A and B, but B will be the only queue having callbacks. The client wants to utilize callbacks, but only when the agents are not busy, but not by using their place in line as the callback module does.

I have come up with the following untested scenario. Please feel free to poke holes in it, or suggest a better way:

  1. Using VQ Plus, create a virtual queue with a LOWER priority than queues A and B. This would be the queue for callbacks. (As I stated, all agents logged into the queue would be shared across all queues.)

  2. Queues A already has callers with a higher priority setting than queue B.

  3. Since the agents across all 3 queues are shared, my thinking is that the callback would only process once the calls are finished in queues with higher priorities.

Thoughts? Thanks in advance.

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