Queue Callback. Not getting default voice prompt

I have configured a queue callback. Pressing 1 does work, and after that all the default voice prompts work. However I figured there was a default voice prompt to the user for “press 1 to receive a callback” at the specified time interval where you setup the queue callback (in queue settings). I have not heard a prompt.

Is there supposed to be a default prompt? I rather use the default if available instead of getting someone to record it.


Hello again. Can anyone speak to this?

I get announcements from the queue about busy agents and being first in line. I never get any prompt that I can press 1 for callback.

Is there a default announcement or do I have to record one?

Hi JayG30,

were you able to find a solution to your problem? I am having the same issue. The caller needs to know to press 1 to get a callback. No announcement is being played.

You have to program a breakout IVR so you need to create an IVR that has all the prompts you need.

Thanks for your response. what are you saying is instead of doing a Break out “Queue Callback” , I do a breakout “IVR Break Out Menu” ?

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