Queue Callback Issue - Instant Callback

I have a test queue where I am testing Queue Callback. I will call the queue and tie up the only agent then request a Queue Callback. As soon as I enter my phone number for a call back I get a call. However, there is no agent available to take this call. I am not sure what I am doing wrong.

That is correct. You can’t test like that. In a real queue setup you will have lots of agents and callers waiting for agents. The call back works on the idea that once your spot reached spot 1 it calls you back and dump you in the queue in top position for the next agent to answer.

So it sounds like the O/P wants a feature where the Queue Callback will only be initiated if there is an agent actually available, since the current process doesn’t seem to do what he wants?

If that’s the case, perhaps a little more discussion on what should happen in the event of the “tyranny of small numbers of queue agents” is in force might be in order? For small queues (more than four agents, or queues where the average pickup time is under (say) 30 seconds) the current behavior would seem to work pretty well, but I can see times (when queue wait times average over a minute, or when the number of agents is so small that a couple of “1%” customers are on the line) that immediately ringing the next call when the queue is empty might not be the best strategy.

Open feature request here you can watch for auto progress updates: