Queue callback does not call back

Hello, for some reason, my queue callback is not calling back,

for testing, I created a queue, I have multiple cell phones call to build a queue position, and when 3rd person calls and press 1 in the queue to get a call back, I see in the queue callback reports that there is a pending callback with a position number, once the 3rd position is next in line, I get a Failed Callbacks with reason “Call Declined by the User” what can cause this?

My current Asterisk version is 13.22.0
the callback module version is

Hi ,
Please update your vqplus version to the latest , Which will fix the issue

Hello jphilip, thank you for the reply. im assuming vqplus is same as Queues Pro? my Queues Pro module is, is there a newer version for that? when I do check online, all of my modules are up to date.

Hi ,
The Reason for “Call Declined by the User” is when the callback dials the number , User is not confirming the call ( press1 to accept…) And he is not providing any input/Rejecting the call .
In this case we are considering this call as Declined by the user

hmm, so this is how Im testing it

  1. Dial the main number that takes me to main IVR, I set 7 to go to my test queue

  2. once in the queue waiting to be answered, I take another phone and dial the same queue to be second in the position

  3. after about a minute on second position phone, message kicks in saying what position im in, and few seconds later, message kicks in saying, press 1 to have us call you back.

  4. I press 1, automated message reads my number I press 1 to use that number,

  5. it asks to record my name and then press #

  6. message says you will be called back once your position is reached.

while caller #1 is still in the queue, I see that there is a pending number to call in callback report

but as soon as #1 phone hangs up, the report shows failed callback.

when you say User is not confirming the call (Press 1 to accept…) on what side is that? when you say User, is that the customer/client or agent using the freepbx system?

Broken in 15 as well. Asterisk 13, PBX 15, Queue Pro Module No prompts being played, breakout not working, callback not working. Will open a ticket.

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Do you see the callback attempt in the asterisk logs?

No callback attempt in logs, and callback report does not show activity either. Logs only show call termination.

I was able to figure my problem. it was my fault, in Queue Callback Modify page under Caller ID, I set callback support: once I removed that and did <1233215555> that solved my issue, all thanks to doing TCPdump

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