Queue Callback calling when no agents logged in

I have installed the VQ Plus module but am having a problem. It is calling the customer back when no agents are in the queue. When i test the system, as soon as i enter my number for the call back my phone immediately starts to ring even when there is no one logged in to queue. Please Help!

That is how callback works currently, when a caller has initiated the callback process, the PBX will call them back when their turn arrives regardless of whether there are agents logged in the queue or not. What do you think should happen in this situation? Should the callback be ignored?

You can always file a feature request at issues.freepbx.org with a suggestion of how this case might be handled.

I was under the understanding that the call back would only initiate once an agent is available. If I don’t have anyone logged in to take the call, it kind of defeats the purpose of the callback because they will still be waiting.