Queue Call recordings

How can I review Queue call recordings ?
In the same way I can review recordings of extensions, how can I do this for queues ?


Did you find an answer for this? I am having the same issues. how can i see queue recordings? I know they are they as i’ve seen the .wav files in the server/

latest freepbx lists the recordings in cdr report.

We have QueueMetrics, which links to recordings on the call detail record, but otherwise, you could pull the unique ID from the queue_log and do a find


find /var/spool/asterisk/monitor -name “1351265403.218454



We have released Asternic Call Center Stats PRO 2 that handles queue recordings.

Also you can convert WAVs created to MP3. You can listen or download from the web interface.

Please visit www.asternic.net to see the entire features.