Queue Call Pickup

I have a queue with static agents. The extensions for the agents in the queue ring in round robin. Is there a way for a user to pickup a call in the queue if their phone is not actively ringing instead of waiting for the call to come around again? I can dig down in phone apps to see the calls in the queue and pick them up that way, but a BLF key or softkey would be way faster. Thank you.

Directed Call Pickup or Group Call Pickup should work.

Telling your agents to log out (or pause) of the queue when they’re not at their desk also works.

Using a “ringall” strategy would work as well.

Thanks for the tip, I’ll give group call pickup a shot. If I program a BLF button with *8 to group call pickup, do you know if the red/green lamp function will work? These are Sangoma S505 phones. Thank you.

Nope. I doubt there’s a hint for that, but it’s probably good idea if there isn’t. I’d suggest you should submit a Feature Request if someone doesn’t come up with a way to do that.

Thank you. Group call pickup works great after I setup the call group for the extensions. I didn’t mess with the BLF, but I did put the queue app BLF on the first menu screen and that will go from green to flashing red when there are calls in the queue so you know to use *8 to group pickup. Thanks again.

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