Queue Call is No longer available to Followme destinations

We are having an issue where users that also have followme enabled on their extensions can never answer call from the phones listed in their followme (main extension not included). The behavior is as follows

  1. Call enters Queue
  2. Queue will ring extension phones
  3. Followme member cell phones will ring
  4. member answers phone and gets prompt (1 to answer 2 to ignore)
  5. member presses 1
  6. member gets notice “I’m sorry the call is no longer available”
  7. call continues to ring on all lines (aka follows queue rules)

I’ve checked calling an extension with followme enabled and they ring through and is put through after the prompt like normal.

I also create a new Queue with all of the defaults left and it has the same behavior.

Issue seems to be present on both asterisk 15 and 16

Which version of the core module do you have installed?

Hi, Thanks for the reply.

Our core module is at

Try installing

fwconsole ma downloadinstall core --tag

That seems to have worked, thank you

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