Queue breaks when extension is offline


I’m experiencing a serious issue with queue’s handling.

I have created a queue with 5 agent in it. one of the phones went offline and when i dial that queue the call is being transferred automatically back to the IVR with “exited-vm-will-be-transfered” error message.

This is very annoying and i don’t know what is the reason.

Appreciate your help with this one.


hmm, try clicking ‘skip busy agent’

it should never go to the users voicemail from a queue unless you have done some thing non-standard or un-supported. (Or unless there is a bug of course :slight_smile: )

Try posting a snapshhot of the CLI trace when it does that starting from where the queue deploys the call to where it is hitting that section.

I will explain again,

There are two servers connected via IAX2, my dial plan is 8|. for this trunk.

I created a new queue with all local extensions and remote extensions, the problem starts when i dial remote extensions, the queue manager doesn’t know it’s remote extension and when the voicemail answers it considered as it was answered by an agent.

Another small question, how can i add 8 prefix to CID on this trunk for outgoing calls? I have same extensions number on each server and local lookup of extensions override the source (i think that adding 8 prefix to outgoing on this trunk will solve the problem)

Thanks !

If you send calls ‘off net’ from the queue, all bets are off. It’s like sending it to a cell phone and the cellphone voicemail picking it up.

The solution to that is to send it to someone’s followme (or ringgroup) with call confirmation enabled, so the remote end must press 1 to accept the call.

as far as messing with the CID on the outgoing call, don’t really know enough about your setup to provide anything useful. Also, you may want to start that on a new thread to garner up help from others (being it’s a new topic …)