Queue BLF line pickup, and other zany issues

My current dilema:

We need our lines to show calls inbound in queues, without ringing the phones directly. For example:

Applications Q
Production Q
Operators Q

Originally, I had set up call groups to ring the required extensions, but if a call comes in, the individual may need to ignore the inbound call, and does not want the liability of ‘accidentally’ picking up an inbound call.

So, I had created separate extensions for the routes (apps, prod, oper), and used the rapid dial keys to show the inbound calls. Any group should be able to pick up any of the other group’s calls, but we cannot use *8 for pick groups, because if both lines are simultaneously ringing, we cannot effectively control which call will be picked up.

We would like to be able to show the queue on the line blf keys, lit when ‘occupied’, and have the ability to press that queue button to pick up the call waiting in the queue. Is this possible?

(Using Digium Phones)

It would take building custom hints and dialplan. Take a look at custom devstate in asterisk for a starting point.

Thanks Tony. I went another route, I just gave everybody 4 extensions and assigned ring groups to them. People will just have to be careful not to be too hasty about picking up calls is all. It also allows anyone to pick a line separately, which is the main point.

Now, I’m off to worry about why the alerts assigned to the phone aren’t working in the ring groups…