Queue Auto Login When User Logs In


I am not sure if this has been asked about, but I am desperate for a solution to my problem:

I have set up pbx for user/device mode - when a phone worker comes in for the day, he/she can log into the phone to start the day (*11, etc).

By inserting the user/extension of this person into the “static agents” section of the queue admin page, this worker will automatically be plugged into the queues for the login period. This is great, and useful.

The problem I am encountering, is that when no more phone workers are here, I would not like customers who are calling in to be put into the queue. Now I know this is related to the “join empty” option. Unfortunately, this does not work, as far as I can tell, with static agents option.

Is there any simple, elegant solution short of working with the untested and complicated dynamic agents mode, to achieving this?

Many thanks in advance.