Queue application not updating dynamic agent penalties

I am using Asterisk with FreePBX built from source running on Centos 6.7 x64. All the modules and the OS are up to date and I don’t have any customization outside of the FreePBX GUI. The system started with FreePBX 2.9. I have a licensed copy of FOP2 installed.

Up until very recently my helpdesk users were able to modify the queue penalties of dynamic agents from the FreePBX GUI and the penalties would update in Asterisk (queue show). For the last couple of weeks the changes have not been updating Asterisk. I can go in and update the penalties successfully from the Asterisk CLI (queue set penalty) but they go back to their previous value if the agent leaves the queue and rejoins. I have tried updating the server and Asterisk (hence the current versions). I am not sure where to start debugging this. Any help would be appreciated.

As it turns out, it was just a problem with FOP2 synchronizing with the FreePBX settings. Everything is, in fact, working perfectly.