Queue answering

Hey guys, I’m still on testing phase of our new FreePBX IP-PBX…

I was wondering how can I configure my queue so an agent can press a series of numbers (for example *8) to answer a call before it’s that agents turn to answer on a round robin ringing strategy?
Umm… Did I make myself clear? There are usually 5 active agents but at lunch time only one stays and the others don’t logout, so instead of waiting for the call to ring on the on-call agent’s extension I would like him to answer just by pressing some buttons.

First I have to say this is a bad idea. This is the whole reason we have pause in the queue. The users could also press DND.

But if you must you can do directed call pickup on the extension.

As sky says, pauses.

Instead of the available agent pressing *8, you can instead get those who are not at their place to *8 and execute a queue pause …

*8 has been added in the dialplan