Queue Announcement behavior

I have something that doesn’t make sense to me,

I have the agents configured in the queue as Join empyt = no, Leave empty = strict.
I have no agents in the queue that are available, the are either paused or unaavailed or have been auto paused in sate.

When I call the queue I here an Join announcement played that I have configured for the queue, But I dont’ think this should play as the call should never enter the queue. How would I only play the announcement if there is an agent in some sort of available state in the queue?

You might need to configure an alternate call flow that checks the Queue status before calling the Queue application. See the Asterisk QUEUE_MEMBER function for potential integration into your local extensions_custom.conf dial plan.

I guess why does the call enter the queue if the join_empty is = no ?

I think you will need to provide a trace to show what the PBX sees. What is your route path? Inbound route straight to queue?


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