Queue announcement and MOH

I am trying to figure out how to make the queue play MOH when placing someone on hold, and the caller announcement I want to say something like “Thank you for calling COMPANY, someone will be with you momentarily” every so often mixed in with the MOH. How do I do this, I am having trouble finding my exact issue, most likely because of my poor search criteria.

See the caller announcements tab in the queue.


You can send the callers to an IVR which will play the announcement, or you can edit your MOH audio file and then set the correct MOH class in the queue.

What I have is MOH for when anyone is put on hold or parked. I want the announcement to come in every 15 seconds and play and let the caller know there call will be answered asap. I think the IVR would be the best way to do this, but I set the IVR announcement, which seams to do nothing (I did go to the queue and set the breakout to the newly created IVR at 15 second intervals).

Ive come up with my own resolution, I will cut and paste the “Announcement” at the start of all audio files! lol. I dont think the EXACT way I want to handle this is going to work any other way.

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