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I’m using a S705 phone provisioned using EPM with latest firmware version and latest FreePBX.

My extension is associated all the time to some queues and dynamically to another queues.

I want to be able to transfer all incoming call to my portable when I’m out of the office.

I’ve created a call flow and a BLF key. The key switch to red or green successfully, but all incoming calls are sent to my extension indepently of the call flow status (red/green).

Am I doing something badly or am I missing something ?

Thanks a lot for your help.

What did you point to the Call Flow Control?

Thanks for your reply.
Normal Flow point to my extension
Override Flow point to a misc destination who call my portable.

normal flow points to your ext or a queue ??

the call flow is just like an AB switch

make sure your inbound route is pointed to the call flow as it should be hit before it goes to the extension or queue

follow the call and its steps starting at the inbound route - call flow needs to intercept the call before it goes to the queue

a call log would be helpful as well

Thanks for the explanation, so I think this is why it did not work.

I can’t intercept before the queue because I’m not the only one on the queue.

I want to transfer all call received on my extension to my portable when I hit a key on my phone.

So must I create some specific queue only for me, or is there any other solutions ?

Many thanks for your help, really appreciated.


You can use FollowMe feature code to enable/disable

The answer is right there in the Queue setup.

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