Queue agents short ring

I have another issue with the queues. It evidently started a couple of updates ago but no one reported it to me until now so I am not sure which updated started the issue. I am having an issue when I use dynamic agents. It will ring the first agent for 15 second (The agent time out setting) and then rings for less than a second for the second agent and then goes to the third agent and rings the full time. If only 2 agents are logged in after the first agent times out it rings for half a second at the second agent and then rings again for the full 15 seconds at the first agent. It doesn’t matter what ring strategy I use. If I make the agents static the ring strategies work correctly.

I am running the FreePBX distro version 1.812.210.58-1.

Here are the queue settings.

I use Dynamic Members

Agent Restrictions: No Follow-Me or Call Forward
Ring Strategy: rrmemory
Autofill: Yes
Skip Busy Agents: Yes
Queue Weight: 0
Mark calls answered elsewhere: Yes
Max Wait Time: 40
Max Wait Time Mode: Loose
Agent Timeout: 15
Agent Timeout Restart: No
Retry: 0
Wrap-Up-Time: 0
Member Delay: 0
Agent Announcement: None
Report Hold Time: No
Max Callers: 0
Join Empty: No
Leave Empty: Yes
Penalty Members Limit: Honor Penalties
Fail Over Destination: Operator Queue