Queue agents going to voicemail

I think I may have found a bug but want to check first to make sure I am not doing something wrong. I am running the FreePBX distro version 1.812.210.58-1.
If I use any Agent Restrictions other than “No Follow-Me or Call Forward” calls to the queue will go to the voicemail of the agent that didn’t answer the phone. It will not go onto the other agents or to the fail over destination.

Here are the queue settings.

I use Dynamic Members

Agent Restrictions: No Follow-Me or Call Forward
Ring Strategy: rrmemory
Autofill: Yes
Skip Busy Agents: Yes
Queue Weight: 0
Mark calls answered elsewhere: Yes
Max Wait Time: 40
Max Wait Time Mode: Loose
Agent Timeout: 15
Agent Timeout Restart: No
Retry: 0
Wrap-Up-Time: 0
Member Delay: 0
Agent Announcement: None
Report Hold Time: No
Max Callers: 0
Join Empty: No
Leave Empty: Yes
Penalty Members Limit: Honor Penalties
Fail Over Destination: Operator Queue