Queue Agent Changes Not Applying

This has been an issue on the system for some time now, but if I add or remove agents from either the static or dynamic list, and Apply setting changes, the changes don’t actually go into affect. A fwconsole restart may help, but you think if that was required, it would be clear…



What happens when you make a change and run

asterisk -rx "queue reload all"

If SSH into the box and fire off a fwconsole reload, do you get any errors?

No errors:

[[email protected] ~]# fwconsole reload
Reload Started
Reload Complete


I just ran the command, and have reached out to somebody on location to see if that resolved the issue; I’ll report back. Thanks!

Running asterisk -rx "queue reload all" did not fix the issue. It is certainly very strange indeed.


Could it be an issue if the user was a dynamic agent, and they used the feature code from their phone to add themselves into the queue. Then I removed that extension completely from the queue. Would that cause an issue where the phone would still ring because before I removed the extension/agent from the queue, they had entered the feature code?

Finally after adding that extension back as a dynamic agent, and then performing a fwconsole restart, the user was able to remove themself with the feature code.

Just trying to get a clearer understanding of the process to make sure I can repeat the steps in the future as to not cause an issue. Because of inclement weather users were needing me to enable find me/follow me, and adjust queue agents remotely. So, they were not at the office to remove themselves from the queue.

Thanks for any and all help!


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