Queue -> Agent busy, redirect to announcment and try again


Customer wants the following scenario:

There is only one agent in the queue 1 - if he is busy then redirect to an announcment, and try again the queue 1… If the agent is not busy, then there must be a ringing tone.

The queue also must have a failover destination (if no answer in 15 seconds go to main iVR).

Ok, I’ve got it worked out regarding the failover destination, but how to implement the busy redirection - which must also work with the failover after 15 seconds?

I will check it out some more - it’s a strange demand from customer…

I’m really unclear about what you are trying to accomplish, and I’m not sure of the purpose of having a different result whether the agent is busy or on the phone. The result for the caller is the same.

Why don’t you tale a look at the IVR breakout menu option in the queue module.