Queston about best way for Asterisk 1.6 with HFC Card's and FreeBPX

Hi @ all,

i want to setup an Debian Lenny PBX Server
with two ISDN Cards with hfc chipset.
The first one for the external bus and the second
for the internal bus (NT mode).

I want to use Asterisk 1.6.

What is the best way to connect the hfc cards to asterisk 1.6
(supported by freepbx) ?

I have read much about chan_misdn, chan_lcr and so on.
But i see not the best, or better stable way.

I hope someone can give me some informations about it.
Or better, is there a good howto, to setup these ?

Best regards,


Why do you want to use * 1.6? Is there a specific function or operation that you need that 1.4 can’t do? I ask because 1.6 is a work in progress and somethings do not work well with 1.6. The FOP is one example.

It being new and a moving target is another as the drivers might or might not work… But with 1.4 it’s had a long run and is stable (versions > 1.4.22 that is, 1.4.25 and above are also supposed to be).

You will also have a much better chance of finding instructions on how to hookup a 1.4 system then a 1.6 system.

Also FreePBX is a project that sits and operates on top of asterisk. Because of that it assumes that you have a working hardware/software hookup below it, that’s why you don’t find directions here for configuring cards as FreePBX does not care how it’s done.