Questions/conditions/needs related to the PBX

Dear FreePBX,

I act on behalf of my boss who is planning a larger IT investment, but needs some background information.

So far, we used an open-source free PBX, but after we’ve recognised its deficiencies, we decided to install an other product.
To tell the truth, we hesitate between some products, and we need some confirmations related to the concerned PBXs. One of them is FreePBX.

So our questions/conditions/needs are as follows:

  • The PBX needs to be an IP PBX.
  • Basic PBX features that we need: conferencing, video calling, voicemail, call queuing, IVR.
  • The type of all the desktop phone we use is Grandstream GXP 2000 ( The PBX should be compatible with this device.
  • We have a special corporate VoIP SIP phone (“softphone”) developed by Ozeki’s third party SDK ( I am confident that we will continue to use this SDK, so the PBX should be compatible with this software.
  • And the last one: we would like to use Android smartphones as the part of our telephone system, so the PBX should support mobile extensions.

Please indicate if there is a solution that fulfills the above requirements. If so, please suggest me the proper product/service here or send me an e-mail to [email protected].
I wanted to post this message here intentionally, because any further personal comments/experiences coming from the community would be appreciated.

Best regards,
Donna E. Hill
[email protected]