Questions: chan_sip to PJSIP on and Sub Accounts

I am preparing to change my FreePBX Sangoma Phone System 60 over from chan_sip to pjsip trunking via I have all of the instructions to do it, but my question concerns sub accounts, which seem to be required in order to use pjsip.

Let’s say I have 5 DIDs. Can I make all 5 of them sub accounts so that I can route them correctly in FreePBX? I guess I don’t really understand the need for sub accounts vs main accounts.

Also, when I change the trunk, I will also need to change all of the extensions as well, correct?

Any guidance is appreciated!

I am a bit confused by this. You don’t need PJSIP for subaccounts at because they are unrelated. A sub account is so I can have an account and then I have one for my parents (example) that way I have my own creds and my parents have their own creds. I assign the DIDs to the account I want them to go over.

Not one part of that requires a PBX or Chan_PJSIP. If you don’t need subaccounts, dont make subaccounts. subaccounts are only required when you have multiple independent registrations. If you have one PBX and all calls go to it, then you don’t need a subaccount. You may desire it for other reasons such as accounting/reporting, or for setting up a second registration from your PBX for pjsip. This would allow your primary chan_sip trunk to remain in service while you test pjsip.

You are required to use a sub account if you want to use IP authentication as there is no way in the system to enable that for the primary account.

IMO, it is better to use a sub account because you get to randomize a part of the SIP username, making things longer. But as stated, there are no technical reasons for it.

I believe that most of their guides recommend a sub account now.

Thank you all for the help. After you all confirmed what I needed to know, I did end up following the video from Chris at Crosstalk Solutions as well as the article from That got the trunk going with no problems. I did create the sub account as every instruction I found said to do so.

I did start out with one extension at a time in the gui, but I kept having to click and reload and reclick and reload, so I ended up just going to the cli and doing “fwconsole convert2pjsip -a” per Matt Brooks’ article titled “New tool to assist converting from SIP to PJSIP.” I did this, fwconsole reload, fwconsole restart (just in case), forced all devices to check configs, and everything is working perfectly.

Thanks again!

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